The season of growth, of expansion, the days of Spring are in full Swing. The Northern hemisphere now beams with glee, with the palette of many shades of green, with the heady, sweet scent of flowers blooming.

One need only look around to see how how lighter our hearts feel when the sun shines high and when warmth meets the Earth. Yet another proof that we are Nature, that we evolve with Her, that Her elements correspond with our inner ones.

The overwhelming positive response and joyous connections I made last week at Cosmoprof in Bologna confirmed yet again, that what we are trying to communicate and share with Elementals resonates deeply with more and more people.

Everything we do, we do for you.
It’s not essential.
It’s Elemental.


According to the traditional Chinese calendar, this May the 5th will mark the beginning of Summer, which likewise means the beginning of the Fire season, and to put it mildly, this season is indeed on fire.

Understanding what Fire Season means is relatively simple, as it is perhaps the easiest element to connect with. Fire is warmth, Fire is sunshine, Fire is joy, Fire is rage, Fire is power, Fire is love, Fire is explosive, Fire is essentially what summer brings. Think about it… I am sure you have emjoyed a summer romance that was gone as quickly as it came… This is because fire is connected to the heart.

The Snake Charmer, Max Beckmann, 1940

This month of May is ruled by the Yin Wood Snake. In Chinese astrology, the Snake is associated with wisdom and wit. While they do not lack ambition, they prefer to plan and are slow in motion, placidly progressing through their life to reach their goal. Like real snakes, they tend to be quiet individuals, that oft seem reserved, but this apparent detachment is precisely what makes them valuable.

Snakes are wise because they have distance. They analyse, they ponder and calculate before making a move yet once they do, they move quickly, and they will not hesitate to shed away a life that doesn’t suit them anymore and to reinvent themselves. Their counsel is thus often sought.

Combined with the soft attributes of Yin Wood, that are resilience (like the vine that never stops growing) and diplomacy (like the slender birch tree that dances in the wind without ever breaking) the Yin Wood Snake becomes a friendly advisor, a truth-seeker that defuses all tensions.

What does this mean for us? It means that, while the fiery Fire season that has just begun will likely kindle within you a desire for big changes and strong emotions, the Yin Wood Snake will be here to help you find a certain balance and distance and strengthen your bonds of fellowship.

Metal is ideal if you want to navigate your outbursts of Fire.

In terms of fragrance, this month we advise you to give our Metal perfume a chance, as it is the element of clarity of mind, wisdom, and reflection – all of which you will gladly need if you want to navigate your outbursts of Fire.

The very precise and light-bearing freshness of Coriander along with a heavy dose of Cardamom, known to calm any affective tensions, is bound to bring you a sense of inner peace should you need time to think while the hint of smoky Silver Birch and slightly ligneous Fennel Seed that awakens the gentle purity of Tuberose, will, in turn, provide you with just the right calm structure to go through the ups and downs of the Fire season unscathed and unburnt. What’s more, try making Fire your ally by layering it with Metal! A beautiful marriage.

This month, let wisdom beget humility, and let reap the joy that summer brings.
Our fragrances are not only meant to be worn. They are meant to be lived with.

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Power days for this month!

May 06 – Move your projects forward.

May 14 – Begin a new project.

May 17 – Invest in yourself and your future.

May 19 – Time to resolve a conflict that has been gnawing at you.

May 26 – A breakthrough day! Get that new project going, sign that contract that’s been waiting.

May 29 – Successful negotiation is in the stars.