“Are you living to your full potential?”



Unlock your
present potential

For centuries, the Chinese have believed that we are influenced by three energies or Chi at the moment of our birth and over the course of our life. The first, Earth Chi, is about the environment in which we are born and/or live. The social structure that we are born into is Human Chi. The third is Heaven Chi. This is the energy of the Universe that was bestowed upon us at birth and that follows us on our journey through life. This is the only energy that we cannot change but that we can better understand through your BaZi chart.

Your BaZi chart speaks of your life potential. It is a map of your life’s journey. The intricate relationship between the elements present in your chart tell us who you are. How you behave, your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and health issues are revealed in full color – like a beautiful cosmic portrait.

Every BaZi chart reveals a story, a beautifully intricate image of your unique elemental DNA.

Your chart allows us to understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and equally important the obstructions and threats that you might be exposed to. The constellation of the elements reveals where there is a need to create greater balance, what elements you need for support, for health, for success.

All BaZi sessions are strictly confidential consultations that focus not on telling the past, nor predicting the future. The purpose of a BaZi consultation is solely to help you live to your fullest potential and to empower you to make solid decisions that will benefit you in all aspects of your life.

Nothing is perfect in this Universe. It is the small imperfections that make us unique and ultimately, simply perfect.

Date Selection

In the study of annual cycles, the elemental combinations in a year’s chart have a profound influence upon global events and the outcome of our actions. If you are planning an important event like a wedding, starting renovations to your home, moving into a new home, launching a business, signing an important contract or hiring staff, it is best to conduct these activities with the power of the Five Elements in your favor!