July still continues to bring us a full-on positive and yet a softer energy as it is a Fire month but not any Fire – a Yin Fire Goat one. If anything, this is an omen of good, an omen more of peace than of buoyancy. The Goat indeed is a sign blest with gentleness and stability, a herald of determination, altruism and creativity; always resilient and ever amicable. The Goat is lively, jolly, friendly, always ready to cheer and indulge in certain extravagancies for as long as they quench their thirst for a life well-lived.

If it weren’t enough, our Goat-ruled month brims with the qualities of Yin Fire, which burns akin to a candle, sometimes wavering but never smoldering, never scorching, gently warming to show light amidst the darkness and a path through the unyielding trials life may throw at us. Yin Fire is a sacrifice of goodwill, for a candle burns itself in order to transmit its warmth and comfort. No matter who, no matter when, no matter who’s around to see it, the candle will keep burning, fulfilling its duty – in other words, Yin Fire is lucid and self-confident.

And those are the keywords of July. Confidence in yourself and your projects, lucidity to carry them through and to finally turn alight the gloom parts of your soul, the sadness that still clings to every bone and pore of our bodies after the ordeal and agitation that the year of the Water Tiger has brought upon us. Now that summer comes to its decline, let us store its appeased energy, let us sow its beauty and joy that we shall reap in the coming months.

Days will shorten and from nature there rises a scent of parched earth and ripened wheat – the time of the harvest is near and we must so prepare ourselves and use the lucidity and stability of the Yin Fire Goat to reflect, to plan and to act.

This message is also reflected in the hexagram of the month, which is Remedying, and speaks of our urgency to find the remedy to cure our wounds – the Elementals remedy.

Which Elementals may then be of help to you this month? By now, you will have probably guessed that a surge in Fire and the recrudescence of draughts and heat waves is nature’s sign that we need… Water, which is also what the July horoscope tells us.

Our WATER will feel like a much-needed relief, a splash of Alpine spring water on your skin. Soothing and medicinal aromatics such as Sage and Lavender share the spotlight with a dash of Black Pepper to invigorate you with its cold-spice aura strengthened by a brisk and brittle touch of Absinth and the icy muskiness of Angelica.

Soothing and structured, like a balm for the soul, like a spiritual escape, like a light showing the way, a ladder to one’s inner peace – a retreat.

July Directions

The best directions to activate this month will be North-East and East. Avoid the centre or if you cannot use the Metal energy to drain negative qi. This can be done by placing white flowers in a metal bowl or buying one of those chiming clocks you’ve always wanted but never bothered to buy.

July Power Days

July 7: The month starts of with a burst of positivity. The perfect day to harvest the benefits of the seeds you have sewn.

July 13: A day to examine the things that are in excess in your life and let go.

July 20/21/22: It is rare to have three power days in succession. Use this time to move your projects forward, to put plans into action and make yourself heard!

July 25: A success day! Time to execute what you have put into motion…

July 31: If you were planning on taking some quality time off this summer, today is the perfect day to embark on a ‘retreat’.